20 years ago today, when I was turning 4 I received a pretty cool birthday gift….my little brother Mark!  Yes, my brother and I have the same birthday!  In fact, we were born on the same minute so we are exactly 4 years and 6 hours apart!  Today was the first time since I was 4 years old that I celebrated my birthday without my birthday partner while being with my family (so excluding the two years I was in Mexico).  To be honest it felt a bit weird.  I have always been so used to opening presents and sharing the day with my little brother.  Currently Mark is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Alaska.  He is currently serving in Barrow, Alaska.  Barrow is the furthest north city in North America and it is dark and cold there.  The small town has the largest population of Eskimos in the world.  The only way to get to Barrow is by plane.  Milk costs over $10 per gallon!  Not to long ago the sun set and it will be completely dark for the next several weeks.  I would have a very hard time living in a place like this.  

We often laugh because my brother and I don’t have much in common, except our birthday!  We are almost complete opposites.  Mark is in the very northern most mission in North America where it is freezing cold and I was in the very most southern mission in North America where it was burning hot!  The pictures above are from him. Don’t ask me why he was cooking turkey Spam but I think it is gross!  The sunset picture was the day the sun went down for the next several weeks.  Anyways, Happy Birthday to my little bro Mark!  

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